Sulla's Influence On Julius Caesar

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Lucius Cornelius Sulla was a prominent figure in the late republic of Ancient Rome, rising to power through establishing allies and his military accomplishments. As a member of the patrician class Sulla rose to power through the Roman political ladder (Cursus Honourum). Sulla was the victor of the social war, conducted war against the Mithridates and headed the first civil war in Roman history against Marius. Through his military accomplishments, he gained support from the senate and was later elected consul and then transitioned into dictatorship. He became a well-known dictator in 82 BC where he established a series of governmental reforms altering Rome’s political system. These reforms had various impacts to the Roman public during his rule, however these…show more content…
Sulla’s rise to power was significant with his dictatorship forming an important part of Ancient Roman history and the demise of the republic. Lucius Cornelius Sulla was born into a patrician family however he was not born into wealth this came later in life. In 107BC Sulla entered the political field serving as praetor to Marius who was the consul at the time. From this role, Sulla began to make his way up Rome political spectrum. Whilst in the office as praetor Sulla demonstrated his administrative ability and would later demonstrate his military ability this enabled Sulla to secure absolute power of Rome for many years. The fundamental basis for Sulla’s rise to power was his success in the military, through his military ability he was able to win various wars for Rome gaining him favour from the senate leading to his rise to power. Sulla showcased his military ability in the Mithraic war, the social war and the civil war. In the Mithraic war Sulla was sent by the senate to defeat the Mithridates as they had extended in the Roman province of Asia.
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