Sullivan And Odysseus Comparison Essay

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Anne Sullivan and Odysseus’s journey stages were very similar. For example, they both experienced a call to start their journey, their struggles in their road of trials, and after they both luckily found their crisis salvation which lead them both transformed into new people. These examples are just a few of the many ways Odysseus and Anne Sullivan relate in their life events. Anne Sullivan and Odysseus both found their call and were unaware of what was going to happen during the time they were there.“Perkins director Michael Anagnos wrote to Sullivan about a job opportunity as governess for a deaf-mute, and blind young woman named Helen Keller”(Sisson). Also Odysseus was unaware as to what was going to happened when he left to fight in the…show more content…
“Sullivan used the manual alphabet to teach Helen”(Bailey). Sullivan would teach Keller by spelling the signed letters into Kellers palm. Keller eventually learned basic words but she did not understand that the words had connection, for example she knew words like mug or milk but could not connect them to their objects. Sullivan and Keller finally had reached a crisis salvation when Sullivan poured water on Kellers hand while spelling water. “Helen suddenly caught on and began to demand the names of everything and everyone around her”(Bailey). Eventually Keller learned the different parts of speech and she also learned to read. Odysseus faces his crisis salvation when the beggar (Odysseus) reveals his true self. When Keller was in her twenties, she faced a transformation when her and Sullivan moved in together. “Sullivan's own marriage to the writer and editor John Macy was complicated, troubled, and ultimately unsuccessful”(Kent). Sullivan was asked for her hand in marriage several times by John Macy but she kept declining because she knew it would not end well because of her and Kellers relationship. As Sullivan suspected she was right about the marriage not ending well, Macy and Sullivan got a divorce later because Macy felt like she was not paying any attention to him and devoting it to
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