Sulpher Springs Research Paper

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Appleton Arkansas
Most people in Arkansas would not even think of Appleton nowadays. Appleton is a small town, but it was not always like that. It was once the second largest town in the Pope County District, but it all started with the beginning of Appleton.
Not a lot of people know but Appleton was once called Sulpher Springs. The name Sulpher Springs came from a church in Appleton; the full name of the church was “Sulpher Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church.” No one knows exactly what year or day it was but the first store to be in the area at that time was a local drug store. It was June, 12, 1879 when a post office came to what was known as the Sulpher Springs area at that time. It was believed that the post office was in the drug store but no one really new for sure. It is said that the post
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Before him lived the chief of the Cherokee Chief Glass. The Cherokee only stayed in the Appleton Arkansas for a short period of time, the white men force them to move to Indian Territory. The Trail of Tears is located in the Pope County District and is located all over the Arkansas land. The first man believed to have billed the firs log cabin was Joe Sipoe. He was not located in the Appleton territory; he was about a mile out. He played a big role in Appleton though, people started coming in to Appleton, and it started to get more populated. It was believed that in the old days when it came time for some one new to billed a house they would have a log-raising day. All the men and young boys in the town came out and cut logs and help build the house. Back then women did not get to do much so all they got to do is cook the men food and chat with the other wives or widows. The little girls had to do their chores and once in a wile help the women prepare the food. One of the old houses believed to be Gregory Hawkins has ben remodeled and the old fireplace he had is now used as a smoke
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