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The meteoric rise of the Ottomans began in 1300s as they expanded throughout the Muslim World. By 1520, the Ottomans had reached their peak under the rule of Sultan Suleyman. Their rise saw them become the most powerful and influential entity in Europe and the Middle East. In fact, Sultan Suleyman was considered to be a leader of the golden age if the Islamic and Ottoman history is anything to go by. Everyone including non-Muslims recognized the glory of Suleyman and it is evident by the fact that they nicknamed him “the Magnificent”. Although the golden age ended with Suleyman’s reign, it was always thought that strength and power amassed by the Ottomans meant that the empire would come to an end after 300 years. This paper seeks to establish why the reign of Sultan Suleyman is often considered as the golden age of the Ottoman Empire.
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He inherited the Islamic Empire from his father, Selim I, who is credited for changing the landscape from what it used to be. Under his reign, the Ottoman Empire expanded such that it covered a significant part of the Arabic world. When Sultan Suleyman inherited the empire, he began his reign by getting rid of threats that had continued to affect the influence of the Ottoman realm. In doing so, he wanted to ensure that everyone recognized the power of the Ottoman Empire and that no one would be tempted to take advantage of the young sultan (Morgan & Reid, 2010). Unlike his father, Suleyman wanted to see the Ottoman Empire reach the peak of political and military power. Perhaps this explains why Sultan Suleyman occupied Hungary and established his rule for over 150 years. The main reason why the reign of Sultan Suleyman is considered as the golden age is because it led to geographic expansion, economic growth, trade, and tremendous artistic and cultural

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