Sumatran Orangutans Essay

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Sumatran Orangutans In Indonesia, Extinct By 2025?
By The World Wildlife Fund

The Sumatran orangutan population has drastically declined to 7,500 compared to a combined total orangutan population of 230,000 a century ago. This significant decline in population has been evident throughout history since 1950s to this current date. It is very apparent that human action whether it is illegal or legal deforestation is driving these immaculate creatures to extinction. Our constant desire for palm oil, business and infrastructure development in Indonesia has caused this major issue.
The Sumatran Orangutans are mainly located on the northern provinces of North Sumatra, specifically the rain-forests which are located on Lake Toba and
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This includes forests or ecosystems that are presumed to be of 'high conservation value' are protected from palm oil plantations, potential timer industries or deforestation.

Collaborating with timber organisations in North Sumatra, specifically the rain-forests which are located on Lake Toba and the town of Medan, to reduce potential negative effects on habitats and the specific Sumatran Orangutan population.
For instance, various studies suggest that orangutans can survive in cleared forests if the extent of damage and impact is mitigated and diminished through actions such as selective logging, such as ensuring that a number of trees are left for this species to thrive as well as ensuring that fruit trees are still available.

Mitigating human and orangutan interaction. Working with local governments, various timber, palm oil and logging organisations on practical methods to ensure that orangutans are kept out of these plantations. This may include sending an email to the head of the organisation stating a possible method of exploiting the lands resources without allowing negative consequences such as 'chaining down' the natural habitation. Also, ensuring that agricultural or plantation areas are kept as distant from Sumatran Orangutan habitats and ecosystems as possible, to ensure that this population can thrive and

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