Sumer Descriptive Writing

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From the Eyes of the Wall Sumer Green. That’s the name of the girl who takes residence inside of my four walls. To most, I would just be a room, but not to Sumer. To her, I am a safe haven. I am the place she comes to escape the rest of the world, and I am the area she only allows her most trusted friends to enter. I know many of her secrets and little quirks, and I see what perhaps many others do not get the chance to. Sumer’s best-loved scent is lavender. She sprays the fragrance on her pillows every night before she goes to bed. Blue is her favorite color. Not just any shade of blue though. She particularly likes a light seafoam blue shade. That’s the tint that decorates my ceiling, the blankets that cover the bed, and the curtains that are draped over my windows. She doesn’t spend a lot of time occupying me, but when she does, I often find her listening to Classical or Alternative Indie music and working diligently on some sort of project. Sumer finds delight in making art. If you look closely, you can find a splotch of yellow paint on the carpet near my window where she dropped a paintbrush on it this Summer. The girl enjoys…show more content…
Sumer rarely uses the drapes, because she savors the warmth that the sun brings as it shines through the window during the day. She also loves watching the sun set in the evening, and she enjoys stargazing as she falls asleep at night. Therefore, the curtains are best when they are left open. Sumer dreams of adventure. You can find remnants of past adventures all over inside of my four barriers, from the rocks on her bookshelf to the pictures in her camera. You can also see that she longs to continue her adventures by looking at the map that hangs on her wall, with pinpoints of all of the places she one day dreams of visiting. I may just be a temporary home for this girl, but I will miss her when she moves on to bigger and better
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