Sumerian Finger Ring

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The first object that I found interesting during my visit at the Brooklyn museum was the Finger ring which was made by the Sumerians around 2600 to 2500 B.C.E. They were two rings that were gold in color with many ridges. Sumer, as I have learned in my class was the oldest civilization known to mankind which also developed the first writing system, Cuneiform which was wedge writing and developed around 3500 B.C.E. They also discovered the calendar as well as agriculture. The Sumerians also had a religion and worshiped many gods such as AN, KI, UTU and NINHURSUG. They built many city states and had a great impact on the civilizations that came after them. I feel that the Finger ring is important because it shows historians how advanced the Sumerians were for their time. The fact that they knew how to molt gold to make the ring in a circular shape amazes me. I thought gold was discovered and jewelry was made in Europe thousands of years later than the Sumerians. On the label in the Museum, however,…show more content…
As I have learned from reading the wall label, this pot was found in Egypt as it states on the wall that “Vessels made in the Minoan kingdom of Crete and at the city of Mycenae in Greece appear in many Dynasty 18 sites”. Dynasty 18 was an Egyptian dynasty. We know today that olive oil is heavily used in Mediterranean countries such as Greece. This pot had three small handles which indicates to me that users had to use two hands to pour out the products that was in it. I believe the art design around the pot heavily influenced today 's pottery which most are light brown to brown in color. The craftsmen who made these Alabastrons were very skilled to have made the pots in nearly a perfect circular shape around the edges. The ancient Greek civilization in general introduced so much ideas and inventions that we still use today. Unfortunately, we take all these inventions for granted and not appreciate these valuable
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