Sumerians And Assyrians

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The Assyrians and the Sumerians had many different achievements that both empires used. The Assyrians achieved many things like iron weapons, the lock and keys, sewage systems, libraries, and lunar-based calendars. The Sumerians were not only advanced in government and religious issues, they developed many other things that are apart of our life today. The Assyrians of today are the descendants of the ancient Assyrian people, one of the earliest civilizations surfaced in the Middle East, and have a history spanning over 6,760 years. With that being said, the Assyrians had many accomplishments throughout the history. The Assyrians were known for being a very intelligent and organized civilization. One of the biggest…show more content…
The plow was another invention, it was pulled by oxen. The plows broke through soil to prepare it for farming. They sumerians created a system of metrology, which resulted to creation of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. The Sumerians practiced by writing the multiplication table on a tablet and dealt with geometrical and division problems and exercises. They used these math skills to keep track of building projects. They also created the number system based off the number 60. The number system based of 60 is the reason why we divide a circle into 360 degrees, why a year is divided into 12 months, why we have 60 second minutes, 60-minute hours and 24-hour days. The Sumerians also created the concepts that eventually turned into the pythagorean theorem. The Sumerians were one of the first to use ingredients from plants, animals, and minerals to making healing drugs and to catalog treatments and symptoms. They believed that gods and demons caused diseases. They made up charms and spells in hopes that it would cure the person with the disease. They believed that god put the disease on them if they sinned or did something wrong. By about 2500 BC doctors in Sumer started prescribing medicine to people sick or injured. People started getting better and Medicine started…show more content…
They used wood, ivory and pottery. They also made jewelry out of gold, silver and gems, and played music using reed pipes, drums, tambourines, and lyres. Cylinder seals were made out of small stone cylinders engraved with some kind of art. They used these almost as a stamp on wet clay or it was saved as a keepsake. The Sumerians were known to be very crafty. The Sumerians later invented the sailboat. Traveling by land was hectic and took a long time. Sumerians realized that transportation by sea, would be a lot easier and more convenient. The first boat was invented and used as transportation in rivers, and needed to be navigated by humans. The sailboat was built with a modern design, making it easier to trade and commerce. It was initially used to cross the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for fishing and to explore other areas. The sailboat was square and the sail was made of cloth. The direction of the sailboat couldn’t be changed. If the wind didn’t blow in the direction they wanted to go, they had to wait for a change the wind’s direction in their favor. The sailboat is still being improved and used
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