Summarise The Importance Of Effective Communication For Support Staff

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Good communication is the key to effectively managing support staff. If you build in opportunities for everyone to feed in their views (in the form of meetings for example), identifying those pupils who require support and assigning a suitable support worker to that pupil, will be much easier because you are harvesting the best from your colleagues; targeting their strengths and weaknesses.

Ensuring that all support staff can access information is also important; if your only communication method is by email for example, it is imperative you check that everyone has regular access to a computer or a personal email account. It is always a good idea to deliver information via a variety of methods but ensure this is done consistently, so that people know what to expect and where to obtain or access information.
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A timetable of who is in school on what days will help you to best utilise the resources available, along with a timetable for the children attending the LSU. This ability to work flexibly and creatively with your colleagues will ultimately provide good quality learning support within the school.

Being trust worthy and honest are also important qualities that will enable you to effectively manage the support staff. Mutual trust and respect for your colleague 's area of expertise and not thinking you can do it all by yourself, will stand a HLTA in good stead!

The majority of teaching staff, support assistants and volunteers are there because they love what they do, so being enthusiastic and motivating the team to do their best shouldn 't be too difficult! However, it is important to remember that they are only human, and everyone occasionally needs to hear that they are doing a good job. Displaying commitment and willingness to help out beyond their normal job shows just how dedicated they are to providing the best possible education for all children and young people, regardless of
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