Summarise The Laws And Codes Of Practice Affecting Work In Schools Essay

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ummarise the laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools.
The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child 1989- This law helps a child by giving them a right to protection from any form of discrimination, it gives a child a right to recieve and share information as long as the information is not damaging to others. This law also gives the child a right to have freedom of religion.
The Education Act 2002- This law means that school's are required to work alongside other community-based organisations and to develop links and a shared sense of belonging while valuing the contributions of different communities.
Children Act 2004 and 2006- This law is to help improve well-being for young children, and reduce inequalities. It also helps make
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This is to make sure that the quality of the services provided is adequate for every individual child and young person. Throughout the inspection information will be gathered based on the practice they are observing as well as what they learn from the pupils using the service. The evidence gathered along with other information will be used to make a proffesional judgement on the services given and then it will be published in an OFSTED report. This report will contain the quality of provision in the National Curriculum subjects and aspects of childcare, social care, education as well as learning and skills. OFSTED will also act as a regulator in checking that staff, premises and the services provided are suitable to care and educate children and potenially at risk young people. If childcare or a child's social provider does not meet the adequate or required standards than OFSTED will need them to take the necesary actions to improve their…show more content…
The Department for Education has the role of being responsible for education and childrens service. This means it is responsible for drawing up education policies, for example, in setting up the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage that schools and nurseries operate from. They also have the responsiblity for looking into new ways of developing the quality of services for thoses under 5 using the outcomes of Every Child Matters. Its also has to set up and administer the schools legue tables.
Local government department for education provides services to schools in the area through the forms of advice and support. The local authority is responsible for providing accessible local services for: staff training and development, special educational needs, the curriculum, including early years, school management issues, behaviour management, promoting community cohesion and the development of school polices.
Explain the role of schools in national policies relating to children, young people and

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