Summarize Kennedy Moon Speech Analysis

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Summarize Kennedy’s famed “moon speech” and why humans were going to the moon. Kennedy declared that it was time to take advantage of this new American Enterprise. He pushed for the United States to take a leading role within the space race, and challenged America to be the first country to land a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade.

2. What was the “space race” and how was it related to the Cold War?

During the beginning of the 1960’s, the Soviet Union and the United States were racing to put a man into space first. Russia was the first country to put a man into orbit, but America was the first country to have a man land on the moon. It related to the Cold War because of the political tensions between the U.S and Russia. The space race was an example of the advancements both
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What was said about Earthrise and Whole Earth images?

The images are regarded as awe inspiring, breath taking, and pure. It gave the environmental movement a real push and the pictures themselves int down in history. However one woman ended up suing the astronauts for mixing church and state while filming the images of Earthrise.

6. Summarize the role of computers?

The role of computers was crucial to the success of all the Apollo missions. They mapped out the coordinates, controlled the space craft, and gave round the clock monitor for all of the systems in relation to the mission. They also used computers to test flight and landing simulations for the modules.

7. How did the media coverage treat the journey to the moon?

The Journey to the moon had complete media coverage and they even had sponsorships like Kellogg's supporting the mission. They announced each step of the mission live and the announcers spoke with strong proud dignity towards the American people. Majority of the population was able to watch it live while the men were walking on the moon.

8. What was the response of the world to the Apollo 11 journey to the
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