Summary: A Career As A Nurse Anesthetist

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As graduation gets closer, I start to think more about my future. The results from one of my assessments on Nebraska Career Connections opened a new door into the health science field. I discovered the career of a nurse anesthetist, and am ready to pursue this option. A nurse anesthetist communicates with a patient before surgery and records any medical history or symptoms they have. Anesthetists also observe the patients and perform physical exams. Then, they will create a plan and order diagnostic checks to prepare for anesthesia. During surgery, the nurse operates and monitors the equipment while managing the patient 's health. An anesthetist needs to be fast acting and strategic because sometimes the patient does not react to the medications as planned. Although the reward of being an anesthetist is very fulfilling, the work environment can be stressful. A nurse anesthetist spends most of their day on their feet, and are at high risk of back injuries due to lifting and transporting patients. It is also very stressful because of the critical decisions that are made for the patient. A nurse anesthetist can work full time, on call, nights, weekends, and holidays. To become an anesthetist you need some education. Advanced practice registered nurses must achieve a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, or any other related degree. Before…show more content…
I have chosen three other career occupations that I might pursue if being an anesthetist doesn’t stick with me. One career that was interesting was a neurologist. They review patients health and determine any illnesses, prescribe treatment, and many other things with the brain. The lowest education required is a masters degree, and is a very well paying job. Another career that I was interested in was an obstetrician and a gynecologist. An OB GYN treats women. This career stuck out because I love babies and caring for them. They also have a high
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