Summary: A Career As A Social Worker

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Human-services professionals are people that work in diverse setting that aim to provide aid to those that need it. It’s a broad employment, but its main purpose is to assist individual and communities. Social workers will be working with different kind of communities such as such as family, abuse and mental community centers, correctional facilities, and other community programs about youth, alcoholism, violence, and more. The work place also varies, there’s office setting like community centers, schools, and hospital. Though, it’s more common for social workers to visit patients door to door. It’s vital for social workers to possess qualities that will help them acclimate in their potential career field. It takes guts to be a social worker. There are several pre-requisite requirements students need to consider before entering this field. Characteristics There are numerous characteristics social worker need to possess to thrive in human service. From the online magazine called The New Social Worker, Latonia S. Johnson discusses the “7 Characteristics Every Social Worker Needs.” This article introduces practices such as ethics that individuals can only learn by experience. The author has bachelor’s and master’s in social work, she’s also…show more content…
They need to be aware of the disadvantage as well, in that case they know what they’re signing up for. In A Career As a Social Worker, the book tackles the pros of social working in the chapter “Attractive Features of This Career.” The vocational guide cites that this job has personal satisfaction attached to it. Social workers get to interact with different people with specific needs daily. There’s great emphasis on noble intention, “they get to witness the resilience of the human spirit in action, which can be very inspiring.” (21) There’s gratifying feeling about helping individuals cope which has positive impact on a social worker’s

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