Summary: A Career As A Sonographer

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Internal Imagers “Megan”, said Shanna holding a clip board with the patient’s information. As soon as the lady walked toward her, she admired the smiled that crossed the lady’s face, the joy her eyes had with her big belly in the way of her being able to walk right. Shanna was excited to see the patient once again with her husband because she knew they appreciated that she took care of what she was supposed to do, and let them know how their baby was doing. She took them to the room and checked how the baby was doing, in that moment Shanna realized how important her job was because she was excited to see the faces of the parents of an unborn child when she would tell them the gender of the baby. At the moment when she said…show more content…
“The outlook in this field is extraordinarily favorable, diagnostic medical sonographers and ultrasound technicians should experience job growth of 46 percent nationwide between 2012 and 2022 ranking the field among five fastest growing occupations in the country and resulting in 27,000 new jobs” (Boyle). The job for this career should grow in most regions but it is likely to vary geographically with most states having a fast growth than the nation’s average. The five most regions where the jobs of sonography is growing the fastest during 2012 and 2022 is Puerto Rico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. The averages for each region is, Puerto Rico 58. 7 percent, Texas 57.6 percent, Arizona 54.9 percent, Utah 54.1 percent, and lastly Colorado with 51.3 percent. The average percent of sonographers working in medical and surgical hospitals is 60 percent. There are more opportunities in hospitals than there will it be in doctors’ offices (Boyle). What might the pay be to be a sonographer in a physician’s office? In a physician’s office in the state of Texas the hourly wage is around 30 dollars and the annual wage is around

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