Summary: A Dead In Jericho

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Book report: “A Dead in Jericho” A dead in Jericho is a suspense book placed on a small town called Jericho. It talks about Inspector Morse, an old, unattractive inspector, who has to solve the mysterious death of Anne Scott, a pretty, young woman he had met on a party some time ago. One night, Inspector Morse decided to visit the woman who seduced him. When he gets to her house, he finds himself on a hard situation, the door was open, he was a little doubtful, he did not know what to do, but he still chose to enter to the house. When he did, he heard some weird noises, he couldn`t recognize if it was a fight between two people, just a small nice talk, or if Anne was alone, so nervously he left the house hoping he hadn`t been seen there. Anne`s
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