Summary: A Letter To A Dental Assistant

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To Whom It May Concern, April 22, 2016 I am writing on behalf of Carlin Sietsma’s application for a dental assistant scholarship through Fortis Institute. I believe Carlin is an excellent student-athlete scholar that exhibits strong leadership skills with tremendous character. The first time I met Carlin was for SAT tutoring. As soon as I met her, it was easy to see that she is a energetic and determined young women. Carlin is very eager to learn new concepts and displays great willingness to further educate herself in various field of study. Aware of her natural ability in science, she always strives to challenge herself in all aspects of her studies. I have no doubt that being a part of the dental assistant program, Carlin will…show more content…
Viewing her experiences I was astounded at the accomplishments that she has completed thus far. From her leadership experience as a camp leader for the American Experience Camp, and a captain on the girls varsity soccer team (Four years playing varsity), to her work experience as a Sales Associate at DeBlieck’s Pharmacy, bookkeeper at DeerBGone, and babysitter for numerous of families, she has gained valuable skills that she applied to her community service. Her extensive experience in organization, communication, scheduling, and childcare have allowed to her to make a successful mission trip to Guatemala to help the less fortunate by raising money for education. Carlin’s enthusiasm and motivation have been matched over the years with discipline which is truly remarkable for someone of her age. By discipline, I am talking about her commitment to better herself and the community around her. I highly recommend Carlin Sietsma for a dental assistant scholarship though Fortis Institute. I believe her proposed study in dental assistant and accomplishments display a great first picture of her aspirations to become a dental hygienist. Her high-spirited presence and strategical approach to learning make her well-suited to take advantage of this

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