Summary: A Look Into Racial Profiling

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A Look Into Racial Profiling The shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, brutally shot by a neighborhood watchmen, George Zimmerman, brought up the discussion in America about a cruel, disgustingly common practice, racial profiling. Trayvon Benjamin Martin was a street smart boy living in Miami Gardens, Florida. He was home, visiting his father after a drug-related suspension from school. When Martin was calling his girlfriend, he was seen by the watchman, Zimmerman. Then, Zimmerman allegedly called the police, and was told not to move, or leave his car. After the conversation with the police, Zimmerman then stepped out of his vehicle and after an altercation, killed Martin. After the murder, Zimmerman was sent to court, he then claimed it was out of self defence, and because there were no witnesses, this couldn’t…show more content…
Profiling puts barriers between citizens of a different races because judging someone only by their race gives one a pre-fixed opinion, thus making it difficult to create diversity in a community full of racist people who have created negative images of people. Racial profiling can bring people down in both a financial and personal way which leads to more racial profiling because being affected in these ways encourages one to continue profiling others as they have anger building up which needs to be released. Supporters of racial profiling argue that the use of demographics, statistics, and, information to capture criminals is justified. Also, that if a group commits a crime, they should be stopped. However, critics of the practice argue that the idea of one group committing more crimes than other groups is just untrue, information also points to the idea that profiling is wrong, both legally and ethically. Racial profiling should not occur within law enforcement because profiling people is illegal, profiling others divides people into racial categories, and profiling has been shown through numerous studies to be
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