Jeffrey And Harris Character Analysis

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There are many stories of slaves that have endured the pain of the involuntary servitude. All of these slaves in the stories are unique in ways, and these slaves are similar in a few ways. Two examples of these slaves in stories are "An Account from the Slave Trade: Love Story of Jeffrey and Dorcas," and "Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery." These two stories have one main character. Wesley, the character from "Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery," Has many characteristics similar and different to Jeffrey, the character from "An Account from the Slave Trade: Love Story of Jeffrey and Dorcas." Many of these features describe their character, attitude, and determination to achieve something, so they have their own personalities.…show more content…
Jeffrey and Harris both had a goal. Jeffrey wanted to be with Dorcus, and Harris wanted to escape slavery. Jeffrey clearly wanted to be with Dorcus by begging his owner to buy her. As for Harris, he wanted to escape slavery and have freedom. The next difference between these two characters is one had success and one failed. Jeffery, unfortunately, did not get Dorcus sold to his owner. She, along with some others, was sold to another person, which was not what he wanted. Harris, who wanted to escape slavery, had success in getting freedom. He may have been put in prison, but he was smarter than the people thought. Harris managed to get a rope and tie the rope to nails under the window sill. He climbed up the rope and out of the window sill. In the text, "Wesley Harris: An Account of Escaping Slavery," it states, "On Friday night, October 14th, I fastened my nails under the window sill; tied my rope to the nails, threw my shoes out of the window, put the rope in my mouth, then took hold of it with my well hand, clambered into the window, very weak, but I managed to let myself down to the ground." This detail of the passage tells me that he had escaped from slavery successfully. The next difference between these two characters are Jeffrey used persuasion, and Harris used force. Jeffrey, while begging his owner to buy Dorcus, used reasoning to persuade his owner to buy his love. In the text, he uses reasoning such as him loving her, both of them are great servants, he and Dorcus making good, strong children, Dorcus being healthy, and can do a lot of work in a single day. Harrison, on the other hand, used force to get out of slavery. When he and three others enter someone's barn whom they think that will help them, they get double crossed. A few other men come and trap them. Harrison tries to escape, hitting and hurting one of the other traitors. This means that he used force. This brings another difference. Harrison
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