A Farewell To Arms Courage Analysis

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In the beginning, Henry wanted to be a hero but by noticing what war was about he wanted no part of it and ran from the battle until it was over. He was a coward because every time the regiment would go into battle he would leave them so he could be safe in the woods, he saw the death and wounded men and did not want to be like the others. In chapter five, Henry begins to show his courage. Henry fires at the rivals along with the regiment with rage until the enemy retreats. Even though, when the rivals regrouped and charged back the other men started to flee so he followed them into the woods. When he found out the soldiers that stayed won the battle, he was angry at them for winning the battle without him. By the end of the book, Henry starts to show how much courage and bravery he has gained. He uses the acquired courage to lead the regiment to a victory while carrying their flag. These three events show how Henry has gained courage and bravery which he now assumes himself as a hero just as he wanted to be. It shows his development throughout the…show more content…
He suddenly stands up and fires rapidly with such rage that his rifle gets so hot he can barely hold it. He kept moving toward the enemy until they began to retreat and he was the last man shooting. This event shows Henry’s development of courage. He was worried the regiment was going to lose so out of rage he mustered enough courage to aide in the victory instead of running to safety and being left out like the last time. He finally felt like a hero, somebody important just as he wanted to be. He had so much rage toward the enemy from their continuous rain of fire, it pushed him over the edge to fight back and help the others who badly needed it. He has gained enough courage and bravery at this point in the novel to be able to fight back against the rivals alongside of his
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