The Lord Of The Flies Summary Chapter 8

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Summary 5 In the evening, Ralph blows the conch to call a meeting to discuss what the boys have and have not accomplished. Ralph discusses how the boys need to follow the conch rules and many other things like not building shelters, not keeping the signal fire going, and not using the indicated toilet spots. In addition, he talks about how the signal fire is very important since that is the only way the boys can return home. The littluns also talk about their nightmares about the beast that is on the island. However, Ralph and Jack try to make them believe that there are no monsters. Yet, one littlun tells the group that he has seen the beast come from the ocean. This then causes a chaotic situation because Jack wants to kill the beast; all of the boys leave except for Ralph, Simon and Piggy. Though Ralph doesn’t call them back because he is afraid that if he blows the conch and the kids don't return then the power he has would be disintegrated. Summary 6 In the night, Sam and Eric are the ones that were suppose to watch the signal fire,…show more content…
Jack then blows the conch and tells the boys that Ralph is a weakling and wants to a the leader, but the Ralph still remains as the leader. Jack is fed up and tells the boys whoever wants to leave Ralph's group with him can. Ralph now doesn't know what to do, but Piggy quickly reassures him by telling him that they should make a signal fire closer to shore. On the mountain, Jack makes himself chief among the boys that moved with him. Roger kills a sow and they put the sow’s head on a spear. As they put the head of the spear, the black blood of the sow drips down and scares the boys. Jack then give out an invitation to Ralph and his followers to a food gathering. Though Simon heads to jungle and comes across the sow’s head. The head talks to Simon in the voice of “The Lord of the Flies” and tells him that he will never be able to escape him. Simon
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