Summary And Critique Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate partner violence is a very common yet preventable problem affecting millions of people around the world. It can be physical, psychological or sexual. Intimate partner violence could be by a former or current intimate partner. Men can also be a victim to intimate partner violence but it is often more common among women and is usually always in the form of aggression or stalking. It is both a physical, emotional experience that entails a great deal coercive and assaultive behaviors. These four annotations listed below will clearly explain, clarify link and critique intimate partner violence and outlays its effects in an equal measure for one have a better understanding of the impact. Judith M. McFarlane, J. Y. (2003, September 4). An Analysis of 330 Black,…show more content…
Unlike other scholarly articles, this article gives us a widening source of how vast intimate partner violence is. Most other articles categorize intimate partner violence into physical violence, a type of sexual violence, stalking, and psychological event; this one categorizes intimate partner violence into: violent resistance, coercive controlling violence, situational couple violence and separation instigated violence. This article allows one to understand these types of intimate partner violence and figure and learn the pattern in their trends. I believe this article is a very rich resource and offers a really great in depth differentiation between the types of intimate partner violence, which would make it an excellent reference when it comes to research on intimate partner violence. This articles’ extensively differentiation between these types of intimate partner violence is important to the development of a criminal justice training program since it would allow criminal justice official to discover better ways of handling such cases and maybe stop them from happening again in the near

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