Summary And Symbols In Chief Joseph's Speech

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In the Chief Joseph’s speech, many examples were used to symbolize one main topic. This subject that Chief Joseph was getting to was that the white settlers should not have done what they have done. He explains about all the stuff done to his people and how simple treaties or apologizes will not be forgiven for the people and land that him and his people had lost. As I was listening, I agreed to his reasoning as it was truthful, and upstanding. What the white man did to his people and their possessions, such as land, game, or rights, was not acceptable and should be recognized. So, yes I would agree that the white man should return what was once the cultural treasures to the Indians, and to focus more on peace and liberty with them instead.…show more content…
Both sides of each party were fighting for something that they wanted for their people. Even though both things wanted were not the same, they still inspire both parties to aspire the savage actions that did occur. The white man did have a reason to do the things they did, which is okay since it was an act of self defense. But what they had done was push farther than they need too to prevent it from happening again. Which made the Indians strike back in their act of self defense. Many of the things that were originally from both groups were lost to the ignorance of these battles. Which should have been of these fights instead should have been peace treaties that would benefit both parties instead of one. Most of the things mentioned in the peace treaties that were actually proposed only benefited the white man instead of most Indian tribes. Which then caused more issues between both parties, thus, having many more battles and many more
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