Anna Munch Rape Summary

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• Anna Munch had been doing work in the sexual assault and domestic violence area for 23 years. Her first of sexual assault just involved the victim and attacker, however she quickly learned that there is a third party involved. In every case she was a part of these third parties did not show up in police reports but, had a heavy influence on the case or the “lions share”.
• The third party is known as the “unknown conspirator”, or in other words me and you, its how we think or how we were brought up to think. The “unknown conspirator” loves rules and rulebooks, often bringing up the thought if a girl is dressed like a floozy she is probably asking for it. The “unknown conspirator” does not know that stopping is a choice.
• When surveying 6,000 women from 32 universities, one out of four women had either been victims of rape or attempted rape (Munch, Rape Myths on Trial). Out of those rape victims only 15% are attacked by the stereotypical “hide in a bush and attack” stranger. Unfortunately, 85% of the rape victims had been targeted by someone they knew (Munch, Rape Myths on Trial). 57% of these rapes occurred while on dates with the attacker (Munch, Rape Myths on Trial). It is very common for a rape victim to keep to themselves after an attack as they feel it is
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Linda Fairstein was named the director of the country’s first sex crimes prosecution unit in New York. According to Fairstein, Rape has always been viewed as a victim precipitated crime ex: it’s always her fault (Fairstein, Women Who Make America, Part 3). The year before Fairstein joined the office more than 1000 men were arrested for sexual assault however, only 18 of them were convicted. “Rape is nothing more or less than a process of conscious intimidation to keep women in a state of fear” (Brownmiller, “Women Who Make America”, Part
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