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The Time Machine Approach Paper

Summary Paragraph

In H.G Well’s novel The Time Machine, the time traveler is in his home telling a group of men and the narrator his theory of time being a fourth dimension. The audience is very skeptical about the theory. He believes that we are constantly moving in time so why not create a way to move faster or slower. The time traveler creates a miniature time machine, of the same size of a clock. He explains that one lever sends the machine into the future and the other sends it into the past. He asks one of the guest to push the lever forward and out of nowhere the machine disappear into thin air. The time traveler
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I did not feel safe from their insidious approach”

Discussion/Essay Questions

1. In the ending of the book, the time traveler disappears and is never seen again. What was the author’s message behind this? What do you think happened to him?
2. In the time machine, the time travelers name is not once said. Why H.G didn’t Wells every say it? Is this story based off a real life story? Did Mr. Wells make time traveler disappear to cover up the fact that he’s traveled through time?
3. In Chapter 2 the time traveler arrives to the dinner party late, and as the narrator stated he had a limp. Had he already started time traveling and gotten hurt? If so, did he do something to the Morlocks that made the turn and rebel on him?

Key Passage
Page #23
“What strange developments of humanity, what wonderful advances upon our rudimentary civilization, I though, might it appear when I came to look nearly into the dim exclusive world that raced and fluctuated before my eye! I saw great and splendid architecture rising about me, more massive than any buildings of our own time, and yet, as it seemed built of glimmer and mist. I saw a richer green flow up the hill-side, and remain there without any wintry
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The author wanted us to really focus on time and the amazing things our futures are going to bring us. He wanted us to see that rushing things in life doesn’t always bring good things to our current situations. In the beginning of the story the time traveler was very ambitious about his new findings and he wanted to rush into exploring the future. He didn’t really think about what position he could be putting himself in. Like us minors today we don’t think before we act, we just do. But if we start thinking about our decisions, who knows what we can create. Mr. Wells is trying to help us realize that the future is right around the corner so we shouldn’t rush it, because it only leaves us blank-minded in the long run wondering what we could’ve done
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