Summary: Black Lives Matters

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Black lives have been taken away from officers for nearly 2 decades the reason why is still unknown. The” movement” is a great way to raise awareness to what the media is blind to admit that police brutality, cruelty and unjustified killings. Black lives matter also raises bails for wrongfully convicted black people. The fact that the media is just know realizing is just absurd. Police have killed 780 people in the year of 2016 alone. Black lives Matters is a way that empowers black youth and raise awareness. Why has there been 196 police killings in the year of 2016 ( The Polices are trying to justify this number by saying it is as low as it has ever been but in the year of 2014 there was 461 deaths( The media has not express the fact that this has been going on for nearly 2 decades from Rodney King being one of the first realization to America. The year of 2016 showed “white…show more content…
It also empowers black youth, bring white youth closer and raises awareness. Black live matters is not just a movement it’s a cause. Black lives matter been here since the 1960s( it is not just a thing that will fade away, there will have to be equality and 100% respect towards white and minority’s. Black lives matter also raises bail for wrongfully convicted felons not just for black lives but for all races. This shows that black people of the community want to join hands with colors of all ethnicity. The Black Live Matters association is also all about the kids. They also help student become officers or actually help them peruse a career at rec centers.( It also allows struggling races from all backgrounds are welcome in the environment. Black lives matter also raises college funds, sport programs and food it is not just white vs black. Black lives matter is trying unify the community as a whole. The black life matter is a truly beautiful
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