Summary: Brain Damage

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Brain Damage from the Internet In the essay "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Nicholas Carr argues that the internet has changed humans thinking process and is forming artificial intelligence. In today 's culture the internet is used everywhere and is available in seconds. Information is all over the web and eyes constantly scan through bundles of paragraphs and articles until desired information is located. Everyone has gotten lazy and the mind has developed into mini computer 's because nobody don 't have to work to figure problems or puzzles, just look it up on the web. According to Carr, the internet is chipping away the ability to concentrate and contemplate because he argues that the mind takes in information, as a swiftly moving…show more content…
Carr claims that the internet is making everyone lazy and is messing with minds because he states that "once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words, but now I can zip along the surface like a guy on a jet ski" (Carr). The more time that today 's culture spends on the internet the more likely that everyone will get sucked into it, causing minds to think like a computer. Searching for information reprograms the brain because it makes the brain scan for certain items and words throughout sentences. In today 's world everyone has trouble reading long pieces of articles or essays because the mind starts losing concentration due to the short readings on the web and skimming through sentences. When doing something for a certain amount of time such as reading on the web or looking to the media for answers, that’s how the mind adapts because it makes muscle memory. When reading the web for facts and information, is it even true information? A ten-year-old kid can write…show more content…
Carr also states that in the future that some type of system will become the top priority in life. Real quality knowledge is almost lost because of the internet and the cultural that is lived in today. In the world today the web or some type of electronic device is used everywhere. About all jobs require some type of knowledge of electronic devices because it 's easier to keep up with data and storage. For example, doctors can keep up with patients personal records and keep up with inventory. Having these devices does make life easier, but sometimes there not always reliable. Electronics can mess up and delete valuable information or they can tear up. After that all information is lost and then it 's from the starting point again. These devices controls everyone 's life because a lot of jobs require the use of electronics and when people get home after work, they get on them again to socialize. Additionally Carr claims, "Never has a commutation system played so many roles in the human population or broad influence over thoughts as the internet does today" (Carr). This statement is the truth, the internet is all over the world and it has already consumed lives. Just look around and see the computers that that are being used, we 're all being sucked into a
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