Summary: Bronx Community College Experience

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As a student of Bronx Community College, I was so excited when I first entered campus. At the same time, I was frightened since the school system in the United States was different from my country Ghana. The term began and I started classes. There the problems started, I did not hear what both the lectures and the students were saying. Everything was like a foreign language to me, and neither do they understand me when I speak. Because of this, I could not speak out and read in class. I was always a spectator. I have to record every class lessons and play them over and over. I always try to pay critical attention to follow and understand what is been thought in class. Though, I could not speak or read in class, but I was performing well in the written exercises and examinations. After the first semester, then I started picking up with speech and asset but was not that much. I started taking the science class from the second semester. Some of the topics were okay to go with and some were hard and difficult.…show more content…
Every morning I have to spend an hour in order to send my baby to the babysitter and another an hour before I get on campus. As I spending two hours in the morning to get on campus and two hours to get home was through for me. Sometimes, I am late to class, missed examinations or missed the beginning of every topic with the early morning classes. This made me feel tensed and uncomfortable in those classes. Some professors, it was okay with them, but others it was a tag of war. Again, this made me nearly drop those classes. Again, some of the other class which were not science were hard for me to cope with from the beginning of the semester till the end of the semester. One of it was English 12 and History 20. I had to go to the writing center about three times on every assignment that I do. Spending of my time on those subject discipline that the other which affected me on of my

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