Summary: College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Imagine you are a college athlete; your daily routine would consist of an early wake up and a practice. After the morning practice, you have to go to all of your classes. Then, since you are failing a few of classes, you have a tutoring session. Lastly, to finish your day off, you have more practice which will likely end late. Athletes have to follow this routine the whole school year. With all the athletes’ time going towards their sports and studies they have no time to find a job or work to pay for anything. Some of these athletes do not have scholarships to help pay for college. This can lead to an increasing amount of debt because no income is gained to pay for college. Would you not want the college to pay you in some way to compensate…show more content…
Scholarships do not cover all expenses and athletes do not have time to work to pay off their growing debt. Since scholarships do not cover everything, athletes should get paid so they do not graduate with a large debt. The large debt would accumulate from every day to day expenses over the athletes four years of college. The pay would be similar to what they would get if they were working a job because they spend the majority of their time with their sport. Meaning, they would get paid as if the sport is a job. Athletes have absolutely no time to get a job so why not pay them for what they are doing to represent their school? Most athletes do not receive full rides or receive student loans. Schools are only allowed to hand out a certain number of scholarships per sport so they are more than likely going to split them up so they can give them to more athletes. Since the majority of athletes are not on a full ride or do not have a scholarship they should get some type of aid from the school. These athletes should get paid as if it is their job since they devote the same amount of time towards it as they would a job. The fact that scholarships do not cover all expenses for every athlete is one reason why college athletes should get
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