Summary: College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Over the years the decision whether or not to pay college athletes while they play sports and attend school has spread a lot of controversy. College athletes should not be payed. This is because the student decides to play sports, they’re not forced to. They also should not be paid because they are not professionally playing the sport. College athletes are not forced to play the sport they do, everything the student does his based off of their own decision. According to Text 3, Lines 11-14 “Sorry Time Magazine : Colleges Have No Reason to Pay Athletes” the students take the offer for scholarships without a problem, but they could also leave anytime they want and become a regular tuition-paying student. A scholarship athlete is having their tuition paid for them and not only is the college doing that for the student, but the colleges are giving the student the athletic experience they need. College athletes gain exposure to the high profile environment and to many scouts for the professional sport they play. College athletes have a free education and gain exposure to the professional sport, so in a way it’s almost as if the colleges are paying the students in a different form.…show more content…
Some feel this way because according to Text 2, Lines 10-15, “It’s Time to Pay College Athletes” “college athletes are mass-audience performers and need to be rewarded as such.” Student athletes spend almost 40 hours per week on their sport and the sport they play is almost like a full-time job while going to school so they should be paid for it. However, even though some people would argue this statement, college athletes should not be paid. As referred to in Text 1, college athletes accept their scholarship with no questions asked and have the choice to leave anytime they want. Once students go to college they make decisions for themselves and they know what their responsibilities are when being a college
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