Summary: Community College Completion Corps Experience

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Jackie Robinson stated one of my favorite quotes, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." For two semesters, I have participated in the Community College Completion Corps. I have served as both Sub-Chair planner and Vice President of membership; in the former position I led the campaign. This event educates Tarrant County College Southeast Campus students as wells as faculty members about the importance of graduating from community college. By holding a three-day event, the committee members promoted the benefits of completing community college. We planned for this event for approximately two months and executed it in three days. The result was that more than 2,500 students pledged to complete college at the end of this event. Consequently, our membership rose by approximately 40%. All these accomplishments were significant achievements for our chapter as a whole and had a great impact on me. The Community College Completion Corps event was particularly important to me because I was always told that I would end up married and without a degree. Serving as an officer in Phi Theta Kappa Beta Delta Omicron chapter has also helped me demonstrate my leadership ability. My chapter is participating in the Honors In Action and our theme is "Exploring the Natural environment". My fellow officers, members and I decided to focus on wind turbines and to investigate the outcomes of having one in the community. Our objectives for creating a specific goal was to set thorough plan that would successfully carry our ideas throughout our journey. This…show more content…
That is who I am: eager and motivated to go beyond the necessary. I value engaging myself in a culturally diverse environment and interacting with passionate individuals constantly stimulated by innovative ideas. I want to be passionately connected with my studies knowing that I will make an impact in the
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