Summary: Covergirl Advertisement Analysis

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Covergirl is a make-up brand in united states, which face to the female beauty market. The showing Covergirl advertisement introduces to audience about their selected product “outlast illumine lipsticks” with seven new shades. As usual, the target audiences will still be the female group; however, this time, the main target audiences will be the groups between age 20 to 40. The employers are trying to attract audiences’ attention by visual rhetoric; they try to use visual image to communicate with the audiences. As we can see, the cover includes a picture of Katy Perry and some introductions of the product. Two types of signifiers are employed in the advertisement which are indexical and symbolic signifiers. The picture of Katy Perry is the…show more content…
The logo “Covergirl” is the symbolic signifiers and is showing on the top centre through Katy Perry’s front head in white color; it points out the brand name to the audiences. On the left side, it says “stay luminous 24hours”. It signified the effect of the products, gives audiences a reason about why is worth to buy. It demonstrates to the audiences that once they put on the lip color they don’t need to worry about losing the beauty for the whole day as well, because it can last as long as 24 hours. The product picture on the right side gives audience a guide of how the product look. Katy Perry is a famous singer in united states and can be recognized by most citizens. On a denotative level, it uses stars’ effect to encourage target audiences purchasing the lip colors if they want to be as beautiful as Katy Perry; because she has been a sign of the brand. On a connotative level, the effect of the lip color brings audiences confidences; because it helps them become prettier. It shows that they can be attractive when they put on the lipstick, because they become pretty. With all these syntagms, Katy Perry signifies the brand “Covergirl”; when audiences see Katy Perry they will connect it to “cover girl”; as they make connection they will purchase it and it brings up the product

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