Summary: Daughter Of Invention By Julia Alvarez

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Sanam Bath
Period: 7
Micro Psych Lit Crit

"Daughter of Invention" by Julia Alvarez, Approaching Literature, page 10 Cukita’s ego is the dominant aspect of her subconscious, which greatly impacts her transition into American life. She is a Spanish speaking girl, her family had moved to America from the Dominican Republic. She uses the English language as means to fit in with everyone else. She has no other option because can’t seem to catch a break with the people and the country. The icing on the cake is that her parents don't want her to be too americanized. This shows how not even her parents were that supportive of her journey to be normal. Me also being the daughter
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Unfortunately Father gets angry and claims the essay is downright disrespectful. Mother argues that this is good and that he is forgetting this is America aka the land of the free. On page 16, she says “This is America, Papi, America!’ she reminded him now. “You are not in a savage country any more!” Cukita feels broken when Father rips up her speech and she has to rewrite it according to his views. Mother writes a amazing speech for which Cukita is madly praised for. Father apologizes and buys her a super good typewriter. On page 17, After her Father realizes his mistake, he says “My daughter, your father love you very much,” “He just want to protect you.” This is a very pivotal moment when her parents realize howadapting to the American way isn't the worst thing that could happen. Through out the story, Cukita is trying to balance what she wants while also taking in deep consideration what her parents and her school expects. This is a clear glimpse of her ego in action, and how she manages to combine the Id and superego respectively. Cukita just wanted for herself was to fit in. What others, such as her classmates wanted of her, was to be like any other regular American. Her protective immigrant parents wanted her
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