Summary Economics In Indonesia's Economy

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I finally found the answer about my goals in my life when I studied monetary economics in University of Indonesia. I still remember clearly when my professor told us that Indonesia’s economy is the engine of people’s welfare and yet Indonesia’s economy is still facing numerous problems that cause deterioration in people’s welfare. Since Indonesia declared its independence, government have not been succeeded to promote suitable economic policy in order to decrease economic inequality and poverty. Low level of financial deepening, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, a complex regulatory environment, and unequal resource distribution among regions have been the main problems that impede economic development in Indonesia.
Although Indonesia’s
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Although I already have knowledge in economics theory, I realized that economics in theory is different with economics in practical. Thus, to develop my skill and learn about economics, I became a research intern in Institute for Economics and Social Research (LPEM-FEUI). During my service at the Institute for Economics and Social Research, I learned how academicians’ role to improve the economy and assist government to determine a suitable policy. I also learn to help researchers with econometrical and statistical analysis in economics development. Furthermore, I also broadened my knowledge about how government takes a decision for economics policy when I became an Economic Research Intern in Coordinating Ministry for Economic…show more content…
The research found that one of the biggest problems faced by MSMEs in most ASEAN countries is lack of access to financial services, particularly from formal institutions (both banks and non-banks). As I have an objective that a good policy maker has to understand economics in both as a policy maker and a practitioner, after I worked at ERIA, I joined Bahana TCW Investment Management as an investment and economics research intern. My involvement in Bahana TCW Investment Management has made me understand in making decisions and thinking as a policy practitioner. Currently, I am working as Microprudential Research Assistant at Financial Service Authority of Indonesia. In this occupation, I was tasked to analyze what is a suitable program to improve MSMEs participation in Indonesia’s economy. As I studied MSMEs before at ERIA, I did a research about the main reason MSMEs faced difficulty in getting financial access. Finally, I found that the absence of financial supports for MSMEs is due to high cost in doing business activities which implies MSMEs find too costly in accessing external financial

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