Summary: Effect Of Gentrification

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Effect of Gentrification: Introduction In this paper I will describe and explain the impact of gentrification on people of color living in the greater Seattle area in the regards to the issues of accessing housing. Ruth Glass coined the term “gentrification” in 1964 to describe the phenomenon of middle-class settlement in previously working class neighborhoods and the subsequent displacement of the working class residents. In response to these negative images, those with a stake in the process of gentrification, including developers, city planners and new residents, have attempted to replace the term with a variety of alternatives: revitalization, renaissance, rehabilitation and reinvestment (Ruth Glass). Rising property values in the light…show more content…
Giant corporation and developer values the profit that they generate from building very expensive apartment complex which have affected huge number of the people of color from the area. Rebecca suggested that affordable housing that meets the needs of low-income families and communities of color should be incorporated into the TOD. Furthermore, it should include units large enough to house children and multigenerational families (Rebecca). Hence, community-serving institutions and businesses are needed to stabilize existing low-income communities of color as gentrification occurs. Affordable commercial space should be prioritized within the TOD and surrounding areas for community and cultural centers, service providers, and culturally relevant…show more content…
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