Summary Essay: Nine Ideal Indian Women By Sunity Devee

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Nine Ideal Indian Women
Nine Ideal Women is a book written by Sunity Devee, 1919. The book comprises of Women from mythology who live their lives to serve their husbands, bore respect for the fathers and brothers.
The characters of Shakuntala most beautiful women on the earth was abandoned by his husband Bishwamitra when he came to know that he was the father and had broken his own celibacy because the lady who was sent by the great gods (male). Shakuntala was adopted by the great saint and brought up in forest. When Maharaja Dushmant married her in the forest in the absence of her father and promised her to make the queen and left her in the forest returning to his kingdom Hastinapur. But when he never returned to Shakuntala she decided to go herself, by that time she already had a son in her. But Dushmanta didn 't accept her and also didn 't even remember meeting her and denied accepting her. But later when he saw the ring which he had presented to Shakuntala he went in search for her. Finding her after 4 years she accepts him despite of the mistake he made which makes her Ideal, shakuntala
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Its age and authorship are uncertain. But there are good reasons to assume that it was compiled from various sources in north India over a long period from c. 2nd century B.C. to 2nd or even 3rd century AD. But it might have undergone a final editing by an unknown orthodox Brahmin. It is regarded as a conservative Brahmanic reaction against the rule of several foreign dynasties in northern India during these centuries and their patronage of cosmopolitan urban Buddhism. TheManusmriti has become a model for later Dharmasastras and their regional varieties with their local laws (desadharma) which partly mitigated social excesses. The rigid orthodoxy of its social and cultural regulations, e.g. of the caste system and “the duties of women”, have been strongly criticised by several Indian reform movements since the 19th century, recently particularly by Dalit outcastes

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