The Importance Of Christianity To The Druids

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The theology and religion Druid was created in the 2nd century by the Romans. Druidism or Druidry is considered to be a spiritual path for most of its followers and a way of life for some. Each member of the religion has different but common beliefs that they follow. The spiritual nature of life is a key belief to the Druids and some strive to find the source of spiritual life. Nature and afterlife also performs an important part in the Druids’ understanding of life. They believe that nature is the center of life and that humans are just part of another family on Earth. Druids also believe that after death a human can become spiritually nourished and continue life in nature and in other worlds beyond the Universe. Today in the modern world,…show more content…
During this time, fairies, ghosts, demons, and witches entered the world to the Druids. This time period was referred to as when the Underworld, hell, was opened and the demons were released. However, they did not want the evil spirits to reach their households and enter inside them. To prevent the spirits from entering the Druids would light fires and carry around torches to ward off the evil spirits. Not only was the day of Samhain important but Halloween Eve was also an important night for the Druids. The night before was referred to as Hallowmas which is the time all the witches gather together before the Samhain. All the witches the Druids were aware of gathered from Scotland and taught their prophesies of the future. These witches were believed to cast spells and to continue into flight throughout the night riding on broomsticks. A sign of a witch leaving for the night would often be a black cat or a…show more content…
Apples were involved in the ceremonies and were considered good luck. Druids would go “dunking for apples” in a tank. If a man was to grab an apple with his mouth he would be given good fortune for the next year until the following ceremony. Hazelnuts were also considered a symbol of love and wisdom on this night. Two eligible bachelors were given hazelnuts on the night of the Samhain and if their initials appeared next to each other in the circle of fire they were considered to be soul mates. During this time, wisdom was also needed and hazelnuts provided that for the people. The source of all wisdom was grown on a hazelnut tree near the Druids, using these during the day of Samhain would provide sacred

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