Summary Essay: Taking Care Of Pet Mourning Doves

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Mourning doves are one of the more familiar birds sound from southern Canada to Mexico. They abundant in the open country and along countrysides and are prolific breeders so that they are very common. Its scientific name is Zenaida macroura. The Mourning Dove is a slim bird having a small head and a long, pointed tail with adults that are about 12 inches or 30 cm in length and weigh about 5 oz or 140g. They are gray-brownish in color overall but with a sandy buff colored abdomen. The crown, back of the neck, and the nape are slate while the face and the breast are pinkish. The sides of the neck are purplish and have a small black spot. The outer tail feathers have tips that are whitish but with a black marking midway up. Black spots can also be…show more content…
Taking Care of Pet Mourning Doves Purchase an aviary for the birds which should be should be at least 10 square feet for each bird so that there will be enough flight area for them to fly and place it where there are minimal temperature fluctuations with plants that could be in and around the cage, to make the environment look natural, then place three to four perch levels for the birds, with food and water bowls for each. Place also food and water bowls at the bottom of the cage as they are ground feeders with bowls checked always for dirt and bird feces. Give the doves finch food daily but two or three times a week, add also thin slices of fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples. Seeds and grains should be given also daily as doves eat grains and seeds most of the time. It is important to clip the dove 's wings if you want them as caged pets and so that they won 't be flying high and fast when they are outside the cage. The doves should have a nesting box if they are a male and female pair as they mate up to six times a year and can lay up to two eggs each time with each bird taking a turn in incubating the
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