Summary Essay: The Education Of Dasmine Cathey

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The Education of Dasmine Cathey “The Education of Dasmine Cathey,” by Brad Wolverton is an informative and compelling story about a student athlete who struggles with making educated choices that he is not familiar with in life, college, and football. There are so many reasons young college athletes succeed in sports, but fail in education. This story is a tragic tale of educational shortfalls that caused Mr. Cathey a football player to fall through the cracks of a flawed school system and became exploited by his family, friends and the college football program. These challenges during these times, created unwanted side effects in every aspect of his life. This is a great story because the author allowed the reader to feel every emotion…show more content…
Mr. Cathey problems begin every day before his college classes even start. Everyone depended on him to help them but they were not prepared or equipped to help him. His focus was always changing from one requirement to another without moving forward in his goals. The author states “all that motion has not helped him get where he needs to be”. Mr. Cathey usually puts others before himself and allowed those situations to influence his life rather than take charge of…show more content…
He pointed out Mr. Cathey consistent bombardments of challenges and how he handle each situation. Every good point in his life such as becoming a father was met with a bad point in which he couldn’t go to school because he became a father. The author allowed us to feel happy for the situations that seemed any reasonable person would feel good about and upset about the unforeseen variables that tend to find Mr. Cathey. The author makes sure you feel the joy and pain of a young man who could have made it to a higher level but came up short because of his bad decision
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