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Basically, white rice has a bland taste. This is mainly because its grains have been refined and the germ and bran stripped off in the process. So, are you wondering about what to add to white rice to improve its taste? Well, an array of spices may be added to the rice to improve its flavor and taste. In addition to the spices, vegetables, spices, and herbs may also be used to improve the taste of this rice. Regardless of the taste, white rice is rich in minerals and vitamins. To enjoy the rice, you should steam it and add your preferred ingredients to make it healthier. Steaming helps in locking in the nutrients in the rice. What to Add To White Rice 1. Stock or Broth Rather than using water to cook your rice, you should consider using stock, a flavoring liquid in…show more content…
To sweeten the rice naturally and dress it, while using this recipe, you may use honey, fresh ginger and lemon. You may as well include a small amount of black pepper. 12. Golden with Apricots To prepare this recipe, you will need such ingredients as unsalted butter, warm water, saffron threads, minced garlic, finely chopped onion, chicken stock, cinnamon, thin slices of scallions, salt, roasted and salted almonds that have been chopped coarsely, a piece of cored Granny Smith apple, dried apricots and freshly ground pepper. 13. Portabella Curry Portabella curry is a Thai inspired, prepared using large portabella mushroom caps, canola oil, minced garlic, salt and red curry, in either powder or paste form. Other ingredients for this recipe include lime leaves, unsweetened coconut milk, granny smith apple, toasted peanuts that have been coarsely chopped, fish sauce, fresh cilantro, fresh basil, grape tomatoes and fresh cilantro. 14. Vegetables with Honey This simple recipe requires you to have grated carrot, chopped onion, sliced mushrooms and red bell pepper. 15.

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