Summary: Family To Jacqueline

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Family to Jacqueline is everything. She opens the book with a family tree that starts with her grandparents on both sides of the family. She goes into her family history, and she even includes pictures of her family. Jacqueline 's family plays a huge part in her life, especially when it comes to Brown Girl Dreaming. This book is basically about Jacqueline learning who she is with her family help. Jacqueline goes into detail about her family, and she wrote about her family history and how her family comes to be. She talks about her both of her grandfather 's and how everything all started. Her father 's family can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson, in a town of Chillicothe, Ohio. Chillicothe is where her great-great-grandfather was born free.…show more content…
Her mother 's family also played a huge role when it came to Jacqueline. Her mother 's parents basically took Jacqueline in as if she was their child and not a grandchild. Her grandparents also took in the rest of her siblings after Jacqueline 's father left the family. Jacqueline and her sibling 's grandfather became their father, and they would address him as daddy. Jacqueline 's grandmother raised them in to believe in God, and they identify as Jehovah Witness. In Brown Girl Dreaming, and throughout Jacqueline life, religion and God were at one part everything to Jacqueline, and this is because of her grandmother raising her to be religious. Jacqueline even tried to convert as many people as she could, including her grandfather. Jacqueline family also help inspired Jacqueline to become a writer. They all believe she could because of the stories she would come up with as a child, and they had no problem of putting a notebook in front of her. Jacqueline 's family help mold her as a family should. A family should help you reach your dream and inspire you to do anything, Family is important to me because they are my support system, and they are not yes
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