Summary: Gentrification In The Docklands

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Gentrification in the Docklands: A Different Story
Gentrification has been a topic of much debate for years in London, and it shows few signs of slowing down. However, it is quite unlikely that each area of London experiences gentrification in the same way. This paper will examine one such instance of gentrification in London and attempt to make a case for its unique style. Background:
The task of redeveloping the Docklands began in 1971. The then Secretary of State, Peter Walker, knew there was an opportunity to redevelop the Docklands and saw it as “total unique” and requiring “very imaginative work,” this point of view eventually led to the foundation of the London Dockland Development Corporation in 1978 (House of Commons
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Before that time, the subject was simply undiscussed because it was believed to be uninteresting or simply another case of gentrification which would not add to a greater understanding of the area. However, when research on the area began, the researches soon realized the strangeness of the situation and worked to inform the public of what had happened in the…show more content…
Re-examining the creation of the London Docklands Development Corporation’ by Sue Brownhill and Glen O’Hara. Butler’s article looks specifically at the process of gentrification in London's Docklands. It compares the process to that of other parts of London as well as draws comparisons to gentrification in North America. The argument brings in many other sources as support and offers interesting conclusions about the state of the Docklands gentrification. It also draws contrasts gentrification in London with suburbanization and urbanization. It focuses on the differences between gentrification by gentrification by capital’ and ‘gentrification by collective social action as it refers to them. This article also uses extensive survey data as well to advance the differences in the resulting demographics of gentrification in the Docklands (Butler,
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