Summary: Honorable Discharge

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When ask Mr. Byrnes about his employment history he replied that he was in the Army from 2002 to 2006 and was honorable discharge. He explained after the Army he stayed with a girlfriend for a little while and some friends however things never worked out because of his distrust of people and the government. He never lived independently so he does not know how it may feel to have his own home.
He would feel safe however he might become paranoid or agitated and never leave the home.

Mr. Byrnes had several different Jobs only lasting one to three weeks it was hard for him to function in the work place, especially if he was not taking his medication. He worked for South Street Garage in 07/2006 swept, cleaned up and putting up tools for two weeks. Second, Lane Constructions-08/2006 general labor he worked one week. Third, Middleton Landscaping 10/2006 general labor he worked three weeks. Fourth, Burger Palace 07/2007 he worked less than a week, and lastly Quick Burger 01/2002 he worked also less than a week as a cook. According to Catherine he would work well alone however working with others was
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Byrne began experiencing with alcohol in middle school his parents both were such heavy drinkers even notice that he was also consuming alcohol at the age of 11, Marijuana age 14 and Heroin at age 16 during high school but this was just experience because the was bad news. He states that he never used while in the Army however he did drink alcohol. After the release of the Army he returned back to using Opiates. He tried to Methadone treatment however the clinic was too far for him to travel. He acquired Hepatitis C from contaminated works. According to the Local Charity Substance Abuse Treatment center; heroin and other opiates have a calming effect and helps elevate the some of the hallucinatory symptom and disparities he faces; homelessness. Also he attended Any County Jail ordered by his probation however he attended, but showed little
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