Summary: How Copyright Law Hurts Music

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In the beginning of 1990’s, Negativland created a song, in addition to, portions of the song “ I Still Haven’t found What I’m looking for,” by the band U2, and various other artists. Negativland was sued and charged with a fine for copyright infrigement. Although some may believe that they were wrongfully accsed to create the song and album cover, however I affirm the decision of the lower court that Negativland violated the copyright law. Negativland should not be able to produce or sell anymore albums pertaining to the album they created in the case of Negativland v. U2. In the article by Andrian Adams and Paul McKibbins “Sampling Without Permission Is Theft” they insist, “What happens when an artist appropriates a musical fragment and then profits from its use and sale. It’s…show more content…
In his article “How Copyright Law Hurts Music,” Joe Fassler, from The Atlantic Magazine claims that artist who sample other artist are saddled with unfair copyrights because “When it comes to transformative sampling, we need to acknowledge that musicians have always copied each other, and have always transformed previously existing compositions and recordings” (10). His point is that there it is okay to copy another artist and call it original. I agree that the copyright infringement of Chiffons’ song “He’s So Fine,” used by George Harrison of The Beatles is the same missue of sampling by Vanilla Ice to Queen and David Bowie. The song that George Harrison alledgelly created had minor differences of the notes and chords. The situation relates to other artist who sample other artist and expect not to pay the price when they are handed a subpoena because they are not careful. Geoge Harrison paid a total of $587,000.00. It’s important to be original and not copy other artist because situations like this can happen to anyone who
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