Summary: How I Survived Sister Renata

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In chapters 14 and 15 of the novel, How I Survived Sister Renata and My Crazy Mother, and Still Came Out Smiling (with Great Hair), previously throughout the chapter, Rosie is surviving in the orphanage. Rosie was trying her best to adapt in the orphanage. There were only a couple of nuns that treat Rosie kindly or somewhat kind. Basically, Rosie met her father again, but Ismael is with a different person. Ismael has a wife that loves and supports him for who he is and had two children. Rosie always wanted a little sister for herself because lately her siblings and half-siblings don’t even get along with her or don’t even like her very much and stay away from her. Why can’t Rosie have a family? Did Lydia told the children to stay away from…show more content…
I am fine with Perez”, (125). Briefly, Rosie doesn’t want to change her name because it’s her own identity and her parents gave that name. The name is apart of herself. Rosie wants to be herself and overcome all the obstacles and become a stronger and motivated person that becomes a positive role model to herself and to become a great aspect of society. Who gave Rosie her name Ismael or Lydia? Basically, Rosie doesn’t need a name change because if Rosie changes her name, then she will be unhappy with the name and that will leave a big scar on her identity as an individual of herself and…show more content…
I knew how that I belonged to something and it gave me the strength to believe I can do anything”, (138). Not to mention that, Rosie belong to her father’s new family and her Aunt Tia’s family because those are the only families that supported Rosie when she is in the orphanage. Also, as long Rosie gets support, she will always strive for success and overcome so many hardships in her life and keep moving forward in her life. Overall, if Rosie doesn’t get support, she has to make her own support or she will lose herself and go into her id or corrupt side and do anything necessary to get what she wants in life or
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