Summary: How World War I Led To The Holocaust

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During World War II, there was an event known as the Holocaust, where six millions Jews were persecuted by the Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Previous research has shown that the reason for the persecution of the Jews were because of Hitler’s hatred toward the Jews. In the book, November 9: How World War One Led to the Holocaust by Joachim Riecker, Riecker stated that Hitler 's hatred toward the Jews comes from the belief that Jews were the reason for Germany defeat in World War I and Germany economic crisis. Riecker once told the Daily Telegraph that the core of Hitler 's hatred “ lies at the defeat of Germany in World War I, where Hitler blamed the Jews for the defeats of the country, collapse of the monarchy and the…show more content…
Jews should not be entirely blamed for the Germany’s defeats in World War II. There are several other factors in the defeats of Germany such as the failure of the Schlieffen Plan, Britain 's naval blockade in the North Sea, and America joining the war. Furthermore, I believed that there are no superior and inferior races. To me, each race is unique in their own ways. Races have their own culture that defines them, which makes them unique in their own ways. Thus, in my opinions, all races are equal. I believed that the need for studying social psychology in order to promote Mental Health is beneficial to the society. By studying social psychology, we could further understand the mental health of humans, which could help us prevent further tragedies in the future. We could identify the factors of mental health problems, and find ways to prevent it. Overall, I believe that this assignment is informative. This assignment enhances my understanding of Social Psychology by having me identify the psychological principles behind an historic event of extreme act of violence wherein dislike for others played an imminent role and the event had large and widespread implications. It helps me to learn how to apply psychological principles in current and historic events such genocides and
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