Summary: In-Depth Bible Study

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In-Depth Bible Study/ Sermon
Part one
1st Timothy 3:1-13

Theme: Instruction and Qualification on Leadership
I have arrived at the Greenfield Corps about six weeks now. This is my first appointment, and I have taken a lot of inventory since I got here over the month. The previous officer’s farewell brief outlined a few Corps programs, which included Bible study, women’s ministry, and Sunbeam, basketball league. It has come to my attention that the spiritual aspect of the Corps seemed to be lacking. They have about twenty senior soldiers, but it seems to be no leadership. The brief gave specific times of programs and when activities take place at the Corps. The Bible study is held at 6pm to 7pm on a Wednesday. However, since I have been here no one turned up for Bible study. I was feeling troubled over the situation, and ask myself how could I fix this problem? How can I help the Corps get interested in knowing the importance of studying God’s word? The only thing that came to mind was to pray.
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I remembered doing one of Paul’s letters, 1st Timothy as a Bible study for one my class assignment at CFOT. 1st Timothy spoke about Grace, instruction on worship, leaders within the church and a good servant of Christ. I felt like 1st Timothy chapter three is a decent place to start. This book has the foundation and elements the Corps people needed to remind them of when they first fell in Love with the Lord. More so, if some of them did not know the Lord, it will help them to entrust their lives to the Lord. And the ones who knew will recommit themselves to Christ Jesus with a position to stand up to proclaim his
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