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Introduction: About the author: Gita Aravamudan who born in 1947. A very famous writer who generally writes on the issues related to gender-roles. She has been writing on the gender issues since the 27 years. And she talks about the fate of a girl child in India. About the book: In Disappearing Daughters the author Gita Aravamudan uses many tools of investigative reports to expose this horrifying situation of female foeticide. She reveals an appealing story of deeply embedded and destructive patriarchal beliefs, disempowered women who have no claim on their body and the callous administration of SAHA,02 medical system and the social issues of the society or community. This book makes a clear…show more content…
Even the celebrities also put their active role in these campaigns. The celebrities from a various fields come and join in the ralleys , campaigns to creat the alertness amongst the mass. People think that only a boy child can continue their generation but these people forget that women are the creator of the world. If the women doesn’t give birth to the boy child then no generation can be continued. And for sure, there will be an imbalance of the nature. God, has created men and women as two faces of the coin. Both the faces are equally important for the balance of the nature. Men and women, both are dependent on each other in every aspectives. One cant live without the help of another. So, every men should respect and give the value to the women. Domestic violence and many of the social issues are the reason for this female foeticide. Today, in the 21st century also many of the people think that they should have a boy child rather than a girl child . Men ego is plays a vital role in the society and due to this , many of the innocent unborn lives (girl child) loses their

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