Summary In John Steinbeck's 'The Red Pony'

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THE RED PONY INTRODUCTION The book ``The Red Pony`` was written by an American writer John Steinbeck in 1933. It is a book with four stories which centers on a boy named Jody in a critical time of his childhood. In the stories, Jody begins to learn adulthood – its pains, its responsibilities, and its problems. SUMMARY The Gift A 10-year old boy named Jody Tiflin, lives in California together with his family. His father, Carl Tiflin owns a ranch. Mr Tiflin gave his son a red pony colt, which Jody names Gabilan. Because of excitement, Jody agrees to all of his father`s conditions: to feed and take care of the pony, and to clean his stall. Every morning, Jody brushes his horse and after school he is training how to handle it. Billy Buck, the single hired hand on Tiflin`s ranch, is the one who teaches Jody all that is needed to know about caring for horses. While Billy is teaching Gabilan to let him ride him, Gabilan catches a bad cold after being left out of the corral. Billy Buck tries to save Gabilan but unfortunately, Gabilan escapes one night. In the next morning, Jody finds the corpses of his horse being eaten by the vultures. The Great Mountains Jody is bored. He looks at the great mountains wishing he could go there. Suddenly, an old Mexican man named Gitano appears saying he was born in their ranch and requested to stay on the ranch until he dies. Mr Tiflin does not agree, although he allows him to stay the night. That night, Jody secretly visits Gitano while he is
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