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In Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Other Stories the author utilizes the relationships within a family to demonstrate characterization through stream of consciousness, metaphors,and allusions with the intention of the audience discovering that many people are not how they seem, even if they have been close to each other. Kafka achieves this through his perspective on his family and the ways the characters’ actions reflect those who they are substituting along with his personal thoughts of acceptance as everyone wants to be accepted and as Kafka many physiological and physical disorders.
In the text Metamorphosis, Kafka develops relationships between the characters in order to create the possibility that not everything is as it might appear. Kafka
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Kafka’s “Judgement” gives the reader characterization through the connections that the main character believes that he had with his father. The first indication that the man cannot be talking to his father can be demonstrated in the text, “So he’s even got pockets in his shirt.” (kafla, 48) this along with the footnote added by the editor, “*Kafkas variation on the German proverb that says the last shirt the shroud- has no pockets in it,” (Kafka, pg 48) assists the audience understand that Greorg 's father is dead, assuming that the audience knows a shroud was used to wrap up the dead. When using metaphors involving a living person with some association to being dead that character typically is dead. This plays throughout the entire story as he is even unable to think of a clever rebuttal to his father due to the fact that he 's having his father ramle in his head too much, it becomes evident in the scene where he almost falls over but doesnt so that it flows more easily in his head. The final time that the death becomes evident within the short story is before he jumps off the bridge as he says sorry to his mother and father when he could have told his father directly had he been actually alive. The audience also identifies that there lies an internal conflict with the main character as he talks to himself. With the information that the father is dead the reader can make the connection that the father character is only how the main character saw his father and how he felt that they were connected or

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