Summary In 'Mains Street And Not Doctor Street'

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1. Several motifs in the first pages of this chapter present a real sense of theater: 
 •Mr. Smith flapping his wide blue wings on the roof of Mercy Hospital •Red velvet rose petals spilled in the snow
•The woman (Pilate) singing the song, “O Sugarman” 
They will reappear frequently in the novel. What contrasts do they present to the world Macon Dead would like to build? 
 During the flight of Mr. Smith, Pilate watches from below and sings the song, "O Sugarman." For most of the men, the flight is a leap towards freedom and liberation both spiritually and physically, but the women they leave behind are less happily moved by the flight. Most of the onlookers of Mr. Smith 's flight remain still and unmoved, except for Pilate. She liberates…show more content…
Not Doctor Street, originally known as "Mains Street", got its name because it was home to the first black doctor in the city and people would send mail to "Doctor Street". The city officials were angered by people not using the street’s official name, and declared that the street would be called "Mains Street and Not Doctor Street." This earned the street it 's name as Not Doctor Street.
 3. Why does Macon watch Pilate, Reba, and Hagar singing, but from a position outside, in the dark, where they cannot see him? Why does he not enter the house? What effect does the experience have on him? Macon watches as Pilate, Reba, and Hagar sing, but does not enter the house because he doesn 't not want to confront or talk to them, but wants to make himself feel better. He initially believes that being powerful and wealthy equates to being happy and attempts to convince himself of Pilate 's sufferings from poverty by looking into her house, but is only met with the girls joyfully singing. Macon shows his secret discontent with his life which he wishes he could escape from, such as the poverty that Pilate has overcome. Macon is able to obtain a few moments of peace and relief from the stresses and pressures of his money and power driven occupation with the calming and melodic songs of Pilate, Reba,
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